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Garage Door Prices – FAQ

Here at Colorado Premier Garage Doors & Gate Systems we receive many questions, on daily basis, regarding new garage door prices garage door options and services.  We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions by our customers and though we we share them here.  If there is some we missed please give us call at 303.458.5600.  We love talking about our garage door products and services.

What does the $79 service call cover?
The $79 service call covers one hour of residential service and a complete tune-up of one garage door. Any necessary parts would be additional. Each additional residential door is $25 at the time of service.

What brand of garage door openers do we carry?
We only carry Liftmaster garage door openers – they are simply the best. We carry many different brands of gate openers, including Apollo, Liftmaster, Elite, DKS, Hy Security, US Automatic and more.

Can you fix all brands of garage doors and openers?
We are capable of repairing all brands of openers, depending on part availability. Liftmaster is the brand that is most common and can generally be repaired the same day.

How do I know if my garage door spring is broken?
Most springs are directly above the door. If you see a 2-3 inch gap in the coil, the springs are most likely broken. Some doors have springs on the sides of the track on the left and right side. You would clearly see a large separation in this application.

What garage door brands does Colorado Premier Garage Doors carry?
We carry almost any brand such as Amarr, Northwest Door, Ankmar, CHI, Westwinds, Raynor, Clopay, Cornell, Cookson, Wayne Dalton, and more.  If you have a specific garage door brand or style in mind…please contact us as we get great garage door prices direct from the manufacturer.

How much does a new garage door cost?
Garage door prices for small doors from as low as $499 to $1,000 for standard residential garage doors. Custom products are available and priced per the scope of the job.

How long does it take to install a garage door?
Depending on the application, standard residential garage doors take from 2-6 hours to install.

What kind of warranty comes with a new garage door?
We are proud to offer a 5 Year Workmanship Warranty on all new installs. Each manufacturer has their own warranties, which are honored by us.

How do I know what size garage door I need?
A great way to determine this is to measure the opening from the outside (exactly), then measure the “headroom” from floor to ceiling or the first obstruction inside the garage.

What should I use to paint my garage door?
New doors typically come with a baked on enamel and, depending the garage door brand, come in different colors.  For painting a garage door a standard latex paint is the easiest option so it will match your house. See manufacturer’s recommendations.

Can I add windows to my existing garage door?
All garage doors can accommodate windows. It is more cost efficient to have them added at the time of ordering.

Are garage door windows made of glass or Plexiglass?
Due to the yellowish discoloring of Plexiglas, most manufacturer use 1/8 in. high strength glass or ½ in. insulated glass. You can also get your glass tempered, tinted etc…  Please contact us for available options.

Is there a big difference between insulated and non-insulated doors?
Yes, there is a huge difference. Insulated doors are more rigid due to the steel front, steel back design. This makes them warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Non-insulated garage doors are constructed with a skeleton frame and a thin layer of decorative exterior steel on the face.

What does the R10 or R9 rating mean when talking about garage doors?
This is the energy rating given to a product to determine the level of protection from the elements. The higher the R value, the more energy efficient the door is.

What if someone knows my garage door frequency?
It is very rare, but it is possible. Most garage door openers can be re-programmed to kill any outside frequency. In many cases, we can help you over the phone with reprogramming your system at no charge.

One of my garage door panels is broken. Can it be fixed or do I need a whole new garage door?
In many cases, they can be replaced. Some manufacturers have gone out of business and those products may have been discontinued.

I have a gap on one side of my garage door which allows the snow and cold air to blow in. Can that be fixed?
In most cases, yes. Exterior weather seal trim can be applied. It comes in many different versions, depending on the application.

Is a side mount opener better than a top mount opener?
It is considered to be more luxurious than a standard overhead. It is very quiet and friction free, and must be used in some applications. Overhead operators are just as reliable, just a little more noise and friction.

Is a belt drive garage door opener better than a chain drive opener?
It is better for several reasons. Belt drives create less friction on the gear and the internal compenents. It also runs more quietly and more smoothly. Liftmaster also warranties the belt for life.

Can a new garage door increase the value of my home?
Absolutely! Any upgrade, especially exterior upgrades, always increase the curb appeal and energy efficiency. These type of upgrades are always a good selling point.

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